This Irish Stoneground White Spelt Flour is a natural flour, 100% grown and milled in Ireland by Oak Forest Mills – free of artificial chemicals and pesticides.

This is a creamy flour produced by sieving out the bran after milling. Because it contains the oils and some of the bran from the grain, It produces bread with a caramel coloured crumb and great flavour and works well in sourdough and yeast breads.

Oak Forest Mills use stone mills that preserve more nutrients and flavour in the flour. The stone mills move more slowly than industrial roller mills and this helps to keep the flour cooler during the milling process.

The stone milling process grinds the whole grain berries together, incorporating the oils and bran from the grain into the flour. A stone mill produces a less refined flour than an industrial mill but stoneground flour has greater flavour and nutritional value.