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Come and bake with us this autumn! Places available on our Sourdough Baking Course Level 1 on Saturday 29th October and Tuesday 1st November. More info here. We are delighted to be partnering with Oak Forest Mills and are now selling their range of Irish stoneground wheat & spelt flours and berries/grains , all 100% grown and milled in Ireland and free of artificial chemicals & preservatives here. For online shop orders, our delivery charge is €6.95 for orders up to 29kg.

Organic Plain White Flour, Organic Stoneground Wholemeal Flour
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riot rye bakehouse & bread school
riot rye bakehouse & bread school
Free Online Baking Sourdough Tutorials
Sourdough Course Level 2
Sourdough Course Level 2
Sourdough Course Level 2

“riot rye bakehouse & bread school is committed to creating and actively fostering a culture of bread without the use of industrial additives or chemicals.

We believe that food producers have a responsibility to those consuming their products and the wider community, with regard to their nutrition and well-being.

We exclusively use organic flours, natural and wild ingredients in our breads.

We employ sustainable production methods with our highly energy efficient wood-fired oven, fuelled by locally sourced timber.

We believe in the right of access for all through education to nutritional, life-affirming foods”.

Julie Lockett & Joe Fitzmaurice

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