About Riot Rye

Joe Fitzmaurice & Julie Lockett are riot rye.

Joe pioneered the introduction to Dublin of modern sourdough breads. He was raised through whole-food macrobiotics and his parents, Pauline and Joe, founded ‘The Golden Dawn’, a macrobiotic whole-foods centre in Dublin in the 1970s.

His sister Lorraine set-up Blazing Salads II, a whole-food/vegetarian restaurant in 1986 and then in 2000, with his other sister Pamela, opened Blazing Salads Food Company, a renowned whole-food/vegetarian delicatessen.

Joe joined them straight away and began baking 100% rye, spelt and wheat sourdoughs for the deli. In 2004, the three of them opened Dublin’s first fully certified organic commercial bakery, the award-winning Blazing Salads Bread Company.

That same year, Julie visited Findhorn Foundation Community in Scotland. After her experience there, Julie and Joe decided to join Cloughjordan Eco-village and build a wood-fired bakery: Cloughjordan Wood-fired Bakery. In 2014, they decided to set a new course with their business in response to the continuing demise of true artisan and craft bakeries in Ireland and set up riot rye.

Joe is a founding member of Real Bread Ireland www.realbreadireland.org.

Joe Fitzmaurice & Julie Lockett set-up riot rye in 2014.