Sourdough Baking for Chefs & Cooks

Course details:

This hands-on course is suitable for chefs and cooks who want to incorporate sourdough baking into their daily routine. No experience of sourdough baking is necessary.

  • 8 places, €135 per person, 10am-6pm, 1-day course

Price includes:

  • A delicious vegetarian lunch made with organic, fresh, local ingredients.
  • Organic/Fair Trade tea and coffee served throughout the day.
  • Fresh sourdough starter to bring home with you.
  • A selection of breads you have baked yourself to bring home with you.


  • Tuesdays – 10th October 2023 (places available)

This hands-on course is suitable for chefs and cooks who want to incorporate sourdough baking into their daily routine. Joe has been around food in a commercial setting for 4 decades and he will teach you his tried and tested methods for baking sourdough breads in your working environment.

You will Learn:

  • how to maintain a range of sourdough starters
  • how to manage the fermentation and flavour of your doughs
  • how to blend flours and flavours
  • how to incorporate Irish grains and flours into your baking
  • how to maintain consistency in your baking
  • how to shape and score (cut) your loaves to get the best results
  • how to design a baking schedule to fit your working day
  • how to regulate your recipes to suit your kitchen ovens and place of work
  • how to use baker percentages to create and regulate your own recipes, as well as advice on the equipment required to get started.

You will learn how to make a range of breads using a variety of techniques. These techniques can then be easily adapted and developed to form your own range of sourdough breads.

You will bring home with you a full set of course notes, selection of breads you have baked, fresh sourdough starter and the confidence to offer great sourdough breads on your menu.

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“The whole day was a wonderful experience. If I was to pick one aspect of the day that made the day special and truly worth the effort to attend, I would have to say it would be the generosity of spirit and sharing of knowledge from Joe and Julie. The knowledge Joe has about all things sourdough could only be gathered through years of experience, practice and passion, yet during the day this knowledge was generously and enthusiastically shared with ease and great humour. Julie provided a fabulous lunch with beautiful local cheeses and needless to say fantastic bread and seamlessly ensured we were taken care of in every way possible.”

Kate, Co. Kildare

“Thanks for the great experience. Joe is a real inspiration – I have a lot of admiration for the great work that he does in terms of educating the next generation of bakers.”

Rob, Limerick

“As a Chef, I have attended many courses both nationally and internationally and this would in my opinion be rated in the top three if not number one. I met wonderful people from various places and had a wonderful day.”

Nora, Co. Clare

“I would highly recommend this course for anyone in the industry that wants to introduce real bread to their menu. Joe not only has a seemingly endless amount of knowledge on real bread but the combination of that and his industry experience allows him to focus this course realistically for different kitchen environments. It’s also a pleasure to go on a course and learn alongside your peers as the level of questions and potential problems they raised were all industry specific, relevant and things you might not have thought of, and to all of these Joe had a solution. Super course.”

Kate, Co. Kildare

“Really enjoyed my day! Lovely place, lovely people, lovely lunch and the knowledge I’ve taken away is already benefiting all around me. Would recommend this course for any cook looking to add sourdough baking to their skill set.”

John Miller, Head Chef, Racing Academy, Co. Kildare