This is a unique fine wholemeal wheat flour developed by Wilhelm Rost from grains originating in Germany. The original source of this wheat was a plant breeder called Hugo Erbe in 1920’s Germany. Developed before the “Green Revolution” of the 1950’s this wheat is genetically different to modern wheat. With a tall straw and deep roots it is flavoursome, nutritious and digestible. Wilhelm has been saving and selecting and replanting Goldkorn grains for over a decade now here in Ireland to develop this delicious wholemeal wheat. This has all been done through organic practices without the use of synthetic fertilisers or pesticides.

It has been milled to the highest quality using a Zentrofan Vortex flour mill which gives a very fine flour whilst retaining 100% of the grain.

As Goldkron wheat has not been developed with a very high gluten strength. It is prone to becoming over extensible if over mixed. There is good strength with the high protein content of 12.5%, but be gentle.

For 100% Wholemeal Goldkorn Wheat sourdough loaf, I find a maximum hydration of 76% to be preferable.